Wednesday, August 19, 2015

God is good, and God is faithful. I've learned much in the last few years. I have thought occasionally about this blog that I started several years ago, wondering if I should take it down or leave it.

I must honestly say that my views have changed much in a couple years ago as I prayed through the issues again.

I will be writing more on the topic; but likely not here. Your comments are welcome.

In fact, I would appreciate your feedback here for the purpose of seeing where to go from topic-wise at our new location. The new blog is not primarily oriented toward divorce and remarriage as the main thrust; but it will have articles posted there as the situation requires. The intent is to post a page there outlining resources helpful for those interested in my current position.

Perhaps I will just redirect you to another place to comment. I will be doing a redevelopment and a re-examination of the themes discussed here from a better theological understanding of these issues.

There is freedom in Christ. We all need to be aware of what that looks like.

Anyway, join the discussion at: On The Damascus Road

Thanks for coming by.